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Top 3 Tips To Creating A Distinctive Brand Identity

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

1. Speak To Your Customers

Narrowing your business persona and target audience early on in the game will help set you apart from the rest. Place yourself in the shoes of your ideal customer to better understand how to craft your company persona. Does your audience prefer light-hearted humour or serious technical knowledge? Does your audience understand baby boomer internet lingo or are they more traditional? Define an authentic, relatable “voice” that can really speak to you customers!

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2. Don’t Forget the Logo!

Sure the logo isn’t everything, but this crucial element is surprisingly prone to being overlooked. An effective logo can be applied onto any surface, be it digital or print, and transform it into something recognisable. Just a reminder — new design trends also mean that attention needs to be paid into crafting wordmark, logomark, and other variations of your logo to suit different platforms.

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3. Stick to the Style Guide

Imagine investing time into an amazing, cohesive brand identity only to not implement it — consistency is key, and making sure your team understands the tone of voice and visual brand identity is important. Ensure everyone is clued in by creating a comprehensive style guide that leaves no room for error. Everything from brand values, to language guidelines, to approved images and possible template, should be documented in this style guide.

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