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The Effects Of Music On Creativity

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

It’s becoming commonplace to see café-goers plugged in to the latest beats or a soothing soundtrack, as they work on their writing, or other creative pieces.

But does music really help you be more productive? Does the type of music matter, when it comes to playlists for better focus? Let’s look at 5 effects of putting on some tunes while you’re hard at work.

1. Happy Music For Happy Brains

Listening to happy music helps you think “divergently”, rather than engage in “convergent thinking”. This means you’re better able to come up with original ideas and different ways of looking at problems.

Instead of focusing on finding one right answer, your brain becomes more flexible, so you can think out-of-the-box. You’re able to switch between perspectives and concepts, so you won’t get stuck with a fixed perspective.

2. Good Tunes For Greater Productivity

It’s not a myth; you actually can get more work done if you play a little music. Well, listening to songs you like puts you in a better mood. And when workers are feelin’ it, a lot more stuff gets done!

With music that makes you feel better, you make better decisions too. Negativity and stress makes you think your choices are limited, so perk up for better choices.

3. Fave Beats For More Sympathy

If you spin your favourite records, chances are, you’re more likely to become more empathetic and self-aware.

The artist or genre doesn’t matter, it just has to be your fave tunes. If you like what’s playing, your brain gets a huge boost in areas linked to internal thought, self-awareness and empathy.

How’s that for music making you a better person?

4. Engaging Music For More Alertness

Ever wondered why surgeons listen to music when performing operations? No, they’re not being cocky.

Sometimes, routine tasks get tedious and mind-numbing. Music keeps you engaged, so that your nimble brain is always able to react.

If you ever have to do boring tasks like data entry, put on some light music in the background!

5. Background Beats Hinder Thinking

Unfortunately, too much can be a bad thing too. If you’re working on tasks that need more thinking, you might want to re-think putting on some background music.

Have a deadline coming up? You might want to cut that music and rush your work in silence. I’m definitely one of those who claim to work better with music, but I’ll admit that focusing on work is so much easier in silence.


Make a playlist, subscribe to online ones – play around with music and play music, for a better working environment!