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Creativity As Told By Tiffany

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Meet Tiffany Tan, a Singaporean creative with a penchant for botany and a skilled hand that make her ideas blossom on paper.

Here’s a fun tidbit for those who know Tiffany by another name, lovage. Lovage is actually a type of herb that’s used for culinary purposes, making it a suitable moniker for Tiffany as they represent two things she loves — botany and culinary.

“Two Creative Minds Coming Together to Form A Unified Ideal”

Tiffany’s collaborated with a range of brands, including global names like Netflix, Timberland, Dr. Martens, Clarins and SK-II.

She was roped into Dr. Martens #worndifferent campaign, for which she customised a pair of Dr. Marts, jazzing them up with clean-lined botanical illustrations inspired by vanilla and cocoa plants.

Tiffany also worked alongside local jewellery brand Poh Heng Jewellery to create detailed illustrations for the Poh Heng Trust Diamond Launch.

“I see a lot of client work as creative partnerships — two creative minds coming together to form a unified ideal.”

One of her most meaningful collaborations was the creative partnership with Lien foundation in 2016. Tiffany produced illustrations for their annual report, titled “George’s Anatomy”, about human anatomy and life span.

According to her, the project entailed “endless illustration and changes to perfection.”

That project was a tedious one, but her efforts were worthwhile — the report went on to receive the highly coveted D&AD Wood Pencil award, which recognizes outstanding creative work from around the globe.

“Creativity is to formulate alternative ideas.”

The 29-years-young illustrator turns to exercise when she needs to overcome creative blocks.

Tiffany is a regular at the gym and has been practising the Muay Thai since picking up the sport two years ago. She’s even conducted fitness boxing classes at Uppercut Boxing, a boutique boxing studio in the heart of Telok Ayer.

Apart from being creative with her knockout combinations on the bag, Tiffany has also collaborated with Uppercut (@uppercutboxing) to create some badass-looking boxing hand wraps that really pack a punch.

“Breaking Away from Routine”

A quick visit to Tiffany’s website will pull up a range of photos, some of which were shot with a 35mm film camera. Snapshots taken by Tiffany are thought-provoking and often invite the viewer to really examine what the visual is trying to capture or convey.

Tiffany’s foray into photography began during her adolescence, even before she got into illustration.

She attributes this to the surge of internet usage during her secondary school days. According to her, it was also during this time that user-generated content became more popular.

“Around the time we were using the internet more as well and people were starting to create and share their creative outputs on the interweb.”

“I began visually stimulating myself to the outside world of photography and art then.”

Creativity as told by Tiffany is the ability to formulate new ideas.

So how can regular Singaporeans become more creative?

Tiffany tells us it's an individual commitment, plus a willingness to step away from the monotony of daily life.

“I think it’s personal practice. Breaking away from routine helps a lot.”

And we trust Tiffany’s advice because she walks the talk.

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